What The Funk Is SEO Anyway??

SEO, or the properly termed funky name of Search Engine Optimization was never an interesting subject for me and became even less so after the infamous Panda algorithm bombshell which landed on our doorsteps without warning back in the good old days in 2011 with the follow up Panda kick in the teeth just for good measure in April 2012.

Cute algorithm names with devastating consequences for hard working entrepreneurs like me the world over.

Indeed thousands of internet marketers who were happily making a living from thrown up affiliate websites were hit by these demoralizing weapons of cash destruction, throwing our internet income streams into free fall overnight, dark days indeed.

Simple affiliate websites which proudly enjoyed the privilege of dancing around the top search positions of the almighty G’s first pages for a ton of chosen moneybags keywords simply disappeared…And 32 of those sites were mine.

I was distraught, demoralized and angry at the almighty G. Just who does Google think they are, they can’t just come and ruin our businesses like some hacker with a simple slice of code?

But of course they can. It’s Google’s encyclopedia, nobody else’s. Google of course just allows us marketers be part of it so long as we play by their rules.

In truth I believe that most of us knew the bombshells were coming, it was just a matter of time. It was too easy back then, just set up your meta, site description and just the right mix of keywords to every page and voila, you owned lots of page one top positions for most of the keywords you were shooting for. Simply add a few quality links, wait 24 hours or thereabouts and money was guaranteed. I remember one day that I was promoting a product and my page received 3000 unique visitors! I have never experienced SEO success to that level since.

That experience taught me the age old lesson of never to keep all your eggs in one basket certainly as far as search marketing goes and subsequently my traffic strategy is based on diversification. Do I engage in a current SEO strategy? Yes I do but I simply haven’t the time to waste manually creating back-links and submit everything to DMOZ etc only for another algo change to render my work a waste of time. No thanks, I’d rather eat my own shoes!

These days I use a certain SEO software to rank my sites using a simple pyramid “tier” system which as we speak has been working for a number of years now and I won’t go by it, however I do not have 32 websites, now I only have 4. Two of their home pages are nervously enjoying lots of traffic on page on within the top 3 and the other two are lounging around wasting cyber space on page 2.


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