How Many Products Should I Sell?

It’s a common question. Whether it’s an affiliate website, e comm store or a site selling your own products, so lets look into a few scenarios?

If we look at a site I previously built, monetized and generated a steady two year income before selling, I only had one type of product of which there were many variants. Was this the correct thing to do?

To be fair I was lazy and failed to add these extra product lines and with hindsight I really should have. Since the new owners bought the site from me they have absolutely added many more lines within the same niche and even if these new items generate an extra few hundred dollars a week, it soon adds up.

My previous e commerce business was based upon a relatively high profit per sale philosophy… But now that’s changed. My new business will be operating on high volume sales with net profits of around the 25% per item mark.

Using this business model makes it far easier to find products to sell in the first place of course and they don’t need to be niche specific like the business model I went with in the past. I’ll be selling simple every day household items which have a track record of consistent sales over a period of at least one year. Already I have done deals with several suppliers, not all have been easy to deal with and many have said no but it’s all part of the game. I usually expect maybe 2-3 out of ten wholesale suppliers to not want to do business. It’s a strange thing when you offer a company money to buy their goods in bulk and they refuse )

For my income goals this year and beyond I will need to promote a lot of products, around 250 different items if my calculations are correct so I still require a few a few more suppliers on board and it’s prudent not to have all your eggs in one basket. You certainly don’t want your money disappearing into thin air for goods you will never receive.

My financial and lifestyle goals are totally doable and I am really excited about the road ahead. E commerce sales last year in the US reached a whopping $452 billion in 2017 and continues to grow, Does anyone thing that they can achieve 0.00009% of that? Of course you can and that’s precisely what I will do this year.

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