Happy Birthday To Me!

Today has been quite an inspirational one for me as I look back on my time in internet marketing and realize how much I have learned how others have done fantastically well since.

I was speaking to John Thornhill today who is one of the top marketers there is and he reminded me that it’s been ten years since I first started online. Ten years!

In February of 2008 I was sitting at my computer on a Skype call with Omar Martin whom many of you may know. Omar’s online story is as compelling and inspirational as it gets and now he is a very successful internet marketer.

We spoke about many things that day including IM 🙂

As I recall I was having trouble with niche selection as many of us do at the start of our journey and I ran a few things by him, subjects that I was interested in and my hobbies. None of which impressed him since monetizing any of them would have been pretty difficult to do. I learned that day that niche selection was probably the most important obstacle to overcome when first starting out.

Developing a niche site within a hobby or interest maybe easy for you to get your creative juices flowing and write about but if it can’t make you money then why bother unless you are doing it just for a hobby?

Here’s a good example. First I thought about getting into the Martial arts niche, jujitsu to be precise since it was a hobby of mine back then and still is but I never considered how I would monetize the site. yes I could get subscribers if I made videos every week and maybe sell some items of equipment and training gear but I think that’s as far as I could have gotten with that.

For the next few years I continued with my offline business, only returning to dabble online until 2004 but now that I plan to be full time within 12 months I’m really putting my foot down.

So what have I learned in 10 years, let’s see?

Affiliate marketing


Article Marketing



Content Writing


Direct Response Copy

E commerce

Facebook Advertising

Google Places Local Listings


Indexing pages….

The list goes on, a complete A – Z of internet marketing and although these are perishable skills, I still remember most of them after several lay offs over the years. )






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