Funny Story About Internet Marketing

I thought about a few different headlines for this post which were more of a serious nature  such as “Planning Your Internet Business” or “”Don’t Waste Time Doing This” or maybe “Don’t F**c With Google”. All of those would be appropriate but not very captivating. We are after all internet marketers and our content is our ticket to riches )

Today though I wanted to tell you a story of how I wasted months creating a project and enjoyed it to the death even when I knew the demise was coming )

Google news websites create an absolute ton of traffic and if done correctly can earn you a tidy sum. So that was it, I was going to create a huge news site and tire myself out walking back and forth to the bank )

Three months of creating content and backdating posts for up to six months was a real chore. I’d curate most of the content but alter it to make it as unique as possible whilst reading OK.

This was a cool looking site, I was impressed by my creation. Every post was unique and spanned every topic possible. My hard work was paying off and now it was time to submit to Google for approval.

Having a site approved for Google news id not easy and the guidelines are never ending but here I was about to submit my site complete with aged domain of course… But I’d no idea what I was going to do and how I was going to monetize it after the site had been approved. Basic planning stage completely avoided!

It wasn’t a concern for me really since this was more of a hobby site even if id did look amazingly professional )

A week later I was notified that my site had been approved. I was delighted and excited but what would I do next?

Google news sites are brilliant things to own. Did you know that you can post a 300 word article and have it in front of thousands of readers within 20 minutes?

With this sort of available traffic it’s impossible not to make money right?

Google of course are very strict about what ads and types of posts can be displayed, they can’t be there just to make money, they must be news worthy first and foremost.

Not long after my first post since being accepted by the almighty G I decided to try a bit of launch jacking. There’s nothing wrong with this, marketers do it all the time. It’s just a matter of being at the top of the results page for the product search term at precisely the right time.

For example, if an internet marketing product was due to be launched at 2pm (and you’d have this information from JV Zoo) all that needed to be done was write a review of the product by way of a post with the product name as a headline, drop in your affiliate link and hit the publish button on your site at 1.40.

Your post would show up within the top 6 positions just at launch time )

The first time I did this I’d 400 unique visitors that day all looking for that product. Sales were flying in )

On another occasion when my site wasn’t monetized I’d 3000 unique visitors. That’s the power of news sites.

Not long after though Google took offense at my obvious attempt at making a good living and my site was instantly banned.

It was as addictive as any drug, I am sure you can imagine but I knew that I was flaunting the rules and couldn’t stop.

I knew that the axe would fall and probably the guys who’d SEO’d their way for weeks or months to get in the top ten positions prior to launch probably had a word or two with the compliance guys at Google. 3 months of work wasted but hey it was fun whilst it lasted )

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