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I hate the term easy money but here’s a quick tale of how sometimes making easy money online it is actually true ))

We all know that internet marketing has it’s challenges and making money online is not easy despite the daily hype to the contrary but yesterday I received notification of a regular PayPal payment from a source that I’d pretty much forgotten about and to be fair, I don’t even know the log ins.

The website in question (actually it’s just a web page) took about 2 hours to create and when you see it you will agree that well, it’s not the best. It doesn’t make much money, only $160-200 per month but why should it since I’ve only spent a few hours promoting this site which on a free hosting plan I don’t even pay for )

This is complete auto pilot income (please excuse the term )) and it could be scaled up to earn twice that amount and much more if only I had the spare time and willingness to do so. The niche in question is massive with a never ending customer base, perfect for affiliate marketing. We are talking about the travel industry, hotel booking niche to be exact.

I’ve not published the website header in the screenshot below for obvious reasons )

If you want in on this action then please feel free.

Here’s what to do:

1/ Create a simple web page (anything will do, even self hosted WordPress)

2/ Go to http://hotelscombined.com and sign up for their affiliate program.

3/ Add the search widget to your site and decorate the page accordingly (I will add a shot of my site below to give you the idea)

4/ Visit some of the millions of travel websites and spread the word about discounted hotels the world over.

OK so forum posting is not sexy, it’s tedious and yes sometimes you will be accused of spamming but this is all I did to promote this site over the course of just a few evenings 3 years ago and it still brings in money every month. I did no other traffic generation whatsoever so the money earned is completely free )

However you are promoting a genuine product, anyone who books accommodation through Hotels Combined will make savings. It absolutely works, I have active links which still generate clicks and income 3 years after posting on forums etc so for sure people must be happy, just take a look at the screenshot?

This is NOT a difficult niche to write about and often it’s quite enjoyable to post holiday photos and write a few sentences about some of your recent trips.

Hotels combined are similar to the likes of Booking.com who promote properties the world over. It’s a very easy niche to make commissions from. It’s that simple. Just hit me up if you have any questions.

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