Drop Shipping – Why This Business Model Is Awesome!

E-commerce is such a wonderful concept. The vast majority of prospects the world over simply have an overwhelming to have their newly purchased goods as quickly as possible and for the best price.

Of course it is simply human nature for buyers to not want to wait in shopping mall queues or indeed to have to carry bulky items home on a long journey either so it is no wonder that the e-commerce industry is growing faster that ever.

Yes all shoppers enjoy the physical element of shopping in a store if only to see and touch their desired purchase but more often than not effective marketing online is all that it takes to convert the same prospect into a buyer. If you think about that for a second, you’ve probably been in that position yourself?

Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a new Jacket for example. You have done some research, you know the brand and average price point and you certainly know they will look great when you get to wear it. You are at your computer about to buy, credit card at the ready, but logic tells you they may not fit, the color may not be exactly the same in the website’s photo but the clever marketer has done their job and before you know it the checkout button is clicked, usually with a sense of satisfaction. Combined with the guarantee of hassle free returns should you wish to return the items in most cases then it makes perfect sense to shop online.

Usually within just a few days the items arrive direct to our doorstep. Simple, efficient and at a comparatively decent price.

We have all at some point I’ll bet purchased something online which was drop shipped direct to our doorstep, perhaps without even knowing that it was drop shipped direct from the wholesaler?

So why don’t more internet marketers implement a drop shipping model?

If you can create a decent e commerce website using a trusted platform such as the outstanding Bluecart for example then what’s the problem?

E commerce websites that are making profits sell relatively easily for lots of money. Just check out Flippa.com for example.

So with this model not only are you making sales and predictable profits but you are also creating a growing asset which is ready to sell usually in around 2 years from the very first sale.

With drop shipping there’s no need to purchase and inventory whatsoever so your investment is actually zero. You don’t need to package the items and arrange shipping/ delivery.

So why don’t more internet marketers implement a drop shipping model?

You probably guessed the answer as to why most marketers haven’t done so. The answer is that they simply don’t know What Products To Sell  and What Niche They Should Get Into.

Certainly these are extremely important deciding factors when considering setting up an e commerce store and so they should be because e comm stores need maintenance, new products need updated and old ones deleted. Emails and queries need answering and if you have a voicemail system then these also need answered so although you’ve created a desirable money making asset there is work to be done.

But… Once your site is set up and making sales, the rest is pretty easy and after a sale comes through to your Pay Pal Pro account, all you need do is send an email order with payment to your supplier. It only takes 5 minutes and it’s done!

There’s a formula I use to ensure that any e commerce site will be highly profitable before you start. It’s not rocket science but there’s a certain methodology and common sense approach to the research phase which ensures success. More on this subject soon 🙂

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