Like most people who visit my site I was working in an industry in which I was not happy. Yes I was earning good money but the stress and working regime was making be very unhappy indeed.

I had read about how people were earning a good living online working from home and so from then on the internet lifestyle was my obsession!

I used the word obsession because too many people who want to make money online are sold on the shiny object, get rich quick schemes which are sadly all too commonly promoted throughout the internet. Making money online IS simple once you know how but with every online business model whether it’s e-commerce, affiliate marketing, blogging or selling your very own information it takes time and dedication to get things right. You may not need to be obsessed with it as I was but you certainly require dedication and a plan, a road map to where you want to be and when, more on this later.

My First Sale

They say that every internet marketer can remember their very first sale online and that it’s possibly the most memorable of all the sales that they come to make, for me that’s also true. The sense of achievement that I experienced at that moment of logging into my account at Clickbank and seeing my first $4 sale was wonderful. I had done it, I’d made the big time )

From that moment I realized that if I could make an easy $4 I could make much more. It was time to go to become a full time Internet Marketer and enjoy serving people with a smile on my face, my days of being unhappy at work were very soon to be a thing of the past.

Road to Riches

Of course there are may ways to earn online from home so which business model should you chose and please make no mistake, Internet Marketing should be treated as a business. All sales and expenses at the very least need to be recorded and everything should be tracked to ensure that your business is profitable and is measurably growing.

My first attempt at making money online was (like most people starting out ) affiliate marketing which is the easiest was to begin. All you need is an affiliate link and sometimes even a free website )

I tried various methods of Affiliate marketing until I built a Google news website which attracted an average of 3000 visitors per day, an absolutely staggering statistic!

Fast forward a year and I’d built a really excellent e-commerce site which soon pulled in around $1000 per week. Nothing outrageous here, just a steady income but… I was building a highly sellable¬† asset too. These days e comm sites are selling for serious money so it’s a model that I’d highly recommend to anyone. Yes they take time to build and maintain but once the ball is rolling there’s really no stopping it )